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All About Glocks:Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer, and businessman founded GLOCK Ges.m.b.H in 1963 and began production with his first line of knives and machine-gun belt links in the ’70s. After the successful launch of Glock knives and belt links, Gaston Glock created the first Glock semi-automatic pistol in 1982.

Glock saw a need for the Austrian Army to be outfitted in a service pistol that could be ready at a moment’s notice. With this in mind, he created his patented Safe Action pistol design. The 3-internal safeties, the Glock is made to be fired quickly and controlled to prevent accidental discharge by a police officer or soldier.

Gaston Glock has been instrumental in changing the entire gun industry with his incredible design and engineering teams. As the Austrian government asked for a lighter pistol with a higher magazine capacity, Glock went right to work and created the Glock 17.

In 1984, the Glock 17 passed every test NATO threw at them with the highest of markings in durability, simplicity, and reliability. Shortly after the Norwegian Army adopted the Glock 17 as their standard-issue duty pistol, the rest of the world caught on and made the Glock the most renowned pistol across the world.

Top 10 Best Glocks in All Calibers

With history behind, let’s get to what you really came for…the best Glock pistols. 

Though 9mm is classic Glock, we’re going to cover all sorts of calibers in the company’s inventory.

1. Glock 17 (9mm)

Ok, so we had to kick this list off with the OG, the one that started it all…the Glock G17.

A full-size, 9mm model, the G17 is available in all multiple generations.

Glock G17 Gen 4
Glock G17 Gen 4 with a Crimson Trace light.

(Don’t know the difference between a Gen. 3 and a Gen. 5, head over to our Glock Generations article to get the low-down.)

Featuring a barrel length of 4.49-inches, the G17 measures 8.03-inches in total length. It weighs in at 32.28-ounces loaded with a standard 17-round magazine. 

Glock G17 Gen 4 for sale
The gold standard of Glocks

The G17 is the gold standard for most law enforcement and its reliability has made it a winner in the civilian market.

From carry to home defense, the G17’s larger style makes it a perfect pistol for self-defense and personal protection. GLOCK 17 GEN 4 FOR SALE

2. Glock 19 (9mm)

The Glock 19 is remarkably similar to the G17, but on a slightly smaller scale.

Still chambered in 9mm, the G19 measures 7.28-inches in total length. It sports a 4.02-inch barrel and weighs 30.16-ounces loaded.

Glock G19 Gen 4 for sale
Glock G19, Gen 4

This midsize model is versatile and easily transitions from the range to concealed carry with its double-stack design.

Again, it’s seen wide use in the law enforcement realm and, like most Glock products, is renowned for its ease of use and reliability.

Glock G19 Gen 4
Love a midsize? The G19 is for you!

Not to mention, the 9mm chambering means that, in non-ammo shortage scenarios, you should be able to easily train with it alongside its standard 15-round magazine.

The G19 also benefits from a wealth of aftermarket support so you can switch sightstriggers, and slides if you so choose.

3. Glock 43/43X (9mm)

Coming in with a subcompact style, the Glock 43 and newer 43X reduce the size of the platform with a single-stack design.

Glock 43X for sale
G43 and a…banana???

The 6-round capacity on the G43 brings with it a slimmer profile but still with a 9mm chambering.

Offering a 3.41-inch barrel and 6.26-inch overall length, the G43 weighs 20.64-ounces loaded.

Meanwhile, the G43X brings an ever-so-slightly larger build.

The G43X measures 6.50-inches overall but still uses that 3.41-inch barrel. Loaded, it weighs more than the standard G43 at 23.7-ounces.

Glock G43X for sale
Glock G43X

You also get more rounds with the G43X — it features a 10-round capacity.

If you want a slim CCW pistol but have to have that sweet, sweet 9mm, the G43 and G43X are right up your alley.

4. Glock 30SF (.45 ACP)

Some people love their .45 ACP and who are we to tell you you’re wrong. If .45 ACP is what you want, then the G30 SF is the Glock pistol for it.

Based on the G30 design, the G30 SF brings a subcompact appearance with a 10-round capacity.

.45 acp glock 30
The Glock 30 is just the right size for a lot of folks.

How does Glock accomplish this? With a shortened frame and reduced grip dimensions, of course.

With a barrel length measuring 3.78-inches and an overall length of 6.97-inches, the SF weighs 33.69-ounces loaded.

.45acp glock 30s vs 30sf
The Glock 30SF (right) vs the Glock 30S (left)

The choice of many plain-clothed street cops and security personnel, the G30 SF fits naturally into a concealed carry or defensive setup.

Like all Glocks, it’s easy to operate and maintain.

Though the G30 SF makes for flawless concealed carry in .45 ACP, what about a full-size for home-defense or just fun at the range…

5. Glock 21 (.45 ACP)
Continuing the .45 ACP vibe, the G21 is the full-size package.

With a barrel length of 4.61-inches and a total length sitting at 8.07-inches, the G21 weighs 38.80-ounces loaded.

What do you get from the G21 that you don’t see with the G30 SF? More rounds!

Glock G21
Glock G21
The G21 boasts a standard capacity of 13-rounds.

We always think more is better, especially when at the range or during a defensive situation.

Which, is where this pistol excels.

It could easily tuck into a nightstand safe or tossed into a range bag.

If .45 ACP isn’t your cup of tea, though, Glock does offer a handful of .40 S&W models

6. Glock 23 (.40 S&W)

The G23 comes chambered in .40 S&W with a magazine capacity of 13-rounds (though you can certainly spring for an aftermarket mag with up to 22-rounds).

Sporting a 4.02-inch barrel and total length of 7.28-inches, it weighs 34.36-ounces loaded.

Glock 23, Gen 4

It’s available in Gen. 4 or Gen. 5, but if you go for a Gen. 5 you’ll get the bonus of an nDLC finish, Glock Marksman barrel, and flared magwell.

Oh, and lefties will appreciate that ambidextrous slide stop lever too!

Using a compact build, the G23 is a nice middle area between full-size and subcompact.

Glock G23
Glock G23 (Photo: Glock)

And if you happen to love red dots and optics as much as we do, there’s even a MOS model that supports red dots.

If you love the .40-caliber, then you can’t get better than the G23

Of course, while we’re talking alternative rounds, we might as well mention that Glock also has 10mm offerings

7. Glock 20 (10mm)

There’s something cool about shooting 10mm. Whether you’re doing it on the hunt or at the range, it’s a fun round!

Luckily Glock has a few 10mm offerings up its sleeve, but our favorite is the G20.

Glock 20 and lots of ammo
G20 with a Trijicon optic.

With a capacity sitting at 15-rounds, the G20 is a full-size model with 8.07-inches in total length to its name.

The barrel measures 4.61-inches and total loaded weight is 39.86-ounces.

While the G20 only comes in the Gen. 4 variant, but Glock does offer an SF, or short frame, model.

Glock 20 Target and Ammo
From a distance of 25 yards, shooting from the bench, with the SRO mounted to the gun the G20 nailed this group with Barnes 10mm 155-grain TAC-XP HP.

You still get that 15-round capacity with the SF and most of the measurements are on par with the G20.

But the SF downsizes the receiver’s circumference at the rear for a little more ease when shooting.

Of course, if 10mm is just a bit much in your book, you can move in the opposite direction to a Glock in .380 ACP.

8. Glock 42 (.380 ACP)

The G42 comes chambered in .380 ACP which means there’s little to no recoil while shooting.

This subcompact offers a barrel length of 3.25-inches with an overall length measuring 5.94-inches. Weight rests at 15.87-ounces loaded.

Glock G42
Glock G42

Glock’s G42 is an ultra-compact pistol designed for concealed carry. This is your summer gun!

The trade-off for such a small handgun, though, is capacity. In the case of the G42, that means 6 rounds. Probably want to stock up on the spare mags…

Glock G42
Glock G42

It keeps to Glock’s easy-to-shoot-and-maintain platform and brings that durability you’ve come to expect from the Glock brand.

If .380 ACP is still too much, you can always go with a cartridge most of us probably started on…a .22 LR.

9. Glock 44 (.22 LR)

Ok, so I know the G44 is controversial. I’m sorry to all the fanbois who wanted a Glock PCC but instead got a .22 LR. Don’t throw hate at me.

The G44 burst onto the scene with a .22 LR chambering. According to the company, they wanted to introduce a gun specifically for first-time gun owners and those that put in a lot of training reps at the range.

Glock 44 at the Range
Glock 44

Mimicking the size of the G19, the G44 comes with a 4.02-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.28-inches. Loaded with its standard 10 rounds, it weighs 16.40-ounces. Glock 44 for sale

While you most likely won’t be packing this in your IWB holster, the G44’s strength comes from the fact that you can easily plink with it.

Normally, .22 LR ammo is cheap and easy to find, making this gun a perfect training companion.

Not to mention, .22 LR has virtually no recoil so first-timers will find this comfortable and less intimidating to shoot.

10. G48 MOS (9mm)

A newer Glock model, the G48 series takes a slim approach and looks to shave down on size.

Chambered in 9mm, it measures pretty close to the G19 but adopts Glock’s Slimline build to reduce its width.

Where the regular, ole G19 offers a 1.26-inch width, the G48 MOS measures 1.10-inches.

Glock G48 MOS
Glock G48 MOS (Photo: Glock)

The G48 brings a 4.17-inch barrel to the table with an overall length of 7.28-inches. It tips scales at 24.97-ounces loaded. And, it comes with a standard capacity of 10 rounds.

The MOS designator means that it uses Glock’s Modular Optic System. If you love red dots, this is a great pistol to toss an optic on — especially for concealed carry.

How To Shoot a Glock Like a Pro | Complete Step-by-Step Guide + Tips


glock-17-9mm-handgun-ammo-box how to shoot a glock

Step 1: Load the Magazine Into the Glock

hand-man-practicing-firing-using-glock how to shoot a glockGrab the empty magazine with your non-dominant hand, position the ammo with your dominant hand, then align the round with the top of the magazine.

Push the rounds down to the bottom of the magazine. Note that loading rounds might feel a bit more challenging as you reach the eighth and ninth bullets.

Next, grab the loaded magazine and insert it into the Glock. The tip of the bullets should point away from the body, and the magazine itself should jam all the way to the top.

To ensure that the magazine is locked securely, bump the bottom of the grip against your pal1m. However, you might not have time to perform this ritual during fast-paced emergencies.

Step 2: Cock the Gun Back

shooting-gun-range how to shoot a glockPull the chamber toward your body to cock one round. Once you let go, the bullet would have already cocked in place, so be careful. Do not point a loaded gun carelessly.

Pro Tip: Practice cocking your handgun as quickly as possible. Instead of pulling the chamber back with raw power, rely on speed and momentum.

Step 3: Get Ready to Fire the Glock

 how to shoot a glockNow that you have a loaded gun, prepare to fire the first round. Stand upright, position your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bend the knees, and extend your arms away from your body.

Make sure that you have a stable footing. Otherwise, the recoil might end up pushing you out of balance.

Step 4: Pull the Trigger

close-on-guy-shooting-firearm-handgun how to shoot a glockTake aim, then pull the trigger back toward the grip. For accurate shot placements, make sure to use just the right amount of force on the trigger.

  • Slapping the trigger or using too much force will cause the bullet to skew right.
  • Tight, tense fingers with little force will skew the shot to the left.
  • Breaking the wrist downward will cause your shot to land too low.
  • Pushing the gun forward might make the bullet land too high.

Step 5: Reload Your Magazine

man-shooting-reloads-pistol how to shoot a glockAfter going through your 10 to 12 rounds, take the empty magazine out, then reload. Make sure you have sufficient ammunition to last multiple rounds if you’re going training or hunting.

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Actionable, Straightforward Glock Shooting Tips for Shooters of All Levels

9mm-9x19-luger-caliber-live-ammunition how to shoot a glockLearning how to shoot a Glock is one thing, but being able to fire it correctly is another. Getting the basics down does not automatically mean you can hit targets accurately

To ensure safe, productive shooting lessons, observe the following best practices:

  1. Eat and rest well before shooting day. Whether in an open field or shooting range, firing handguns requires you to be in peak physical condition. You cannot risk feeling dizzy or lightheaded in the middle of training. Not only will you land inaccurate shots, but you’ll also jeopardize the safety of everyone around.
  2. Master the basics before exploring gun modifications. The modified guns that YouTubers feature might seem incredible, but we advise against haphazardly buying random add-ons. Remember: every modification should serve a specific function. Modifying your piece based purely on aesthetics yields negligible results.
  3. Prioritize dry firing over live firing at the shooting range. It’s safe, effective, and practical. You can also dry fire your pistol any time you want since doing so doesn’t require ammo.
  4. Always mind your breathing. While this tip might seem like a no-brainer, the number of newbies who land skewed shots simply because they forgot to control their breathing is quite alarming.
  5. Observe the proper shooting stance. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the Glock with both hands, extend your arms in front of your body, slightly bend the knees, and keep your eyes locked forward. This stance is the standard shooting position.
  6. Hold the Glock properly. Firing pistols with just one hand might seem like a cool trick, but it’s neither practical nor safe. Beginners should always hold their handguns properly with both hands.
  7. Wear prescription goggles or glasses. Poor eyesight will compromise your overall shooting accuracy and precision. If you haven’t already had your eyes checked, now is a good time to do so.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the causes of the most common shooting mistakes. Squeezing the trigger too hard, pushing the wrist upward, and slapping the trigger will skew your shots.

Here’s an instructographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy instructographic for reference:

AGA How To Shoot a Glock

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