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Glock 48 For SaleThe Glock G48 is a slim, low-profile pistol that accepts the new widened and lengthened single-stack magazines. This increases single-stack capacity up to 10 rounds.

The G48 is a larger version of the G43X, sporting a half-inch longer slide and a slightly longer barrel. The G48 has a better sight picture and slightly more muzzle velocity than previous Glocks and an increased sight radius giving more accuracy for precision shots.

The overall length is 7.28 inches, including a 4.17-inch barrel. The pistol comes with 2 10-Round magazines and is available in two color finishes – black or stainless steel. What’s more, because it’s so lightweight at 1.29 pounds, it reduces the weight on your gun belt.

If you want to concealed carry, the compact, Slimline frame of the G48 is ideal. I would go so far as to say that the slimmer slide and frame of the G48 makes it even easier to conceal than the G19. The compact, single-stack design also means that it is more comfortable for those with smaller hands who dislike a double-stack grip.

Of course, the one negative of this pistol is the capacity. The reduction in frame width and the single-stack magazine does mean fewer rounds as the magazine can only carry 10 at a time.


  • Slim, low-profile design for concealed carry
  • Improved sight picture
  • Increased sight radius gives better accuracy
  • Lightweight to reduce weight on your belt when carrying
  • Gives a comfortable grip for shooters with smaller hands


  • Lower magazine capacity means fewer rounds


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