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GLOCK G44 For Sale

(8 customer reviews)


GLOCK G44 Adj. 5.5lb .22LR 10RD-FDE

UPC 688099401771
Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 10 + 1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4.02″ BARREL



Glock G44 For Sale;The Glock 44 is a high-quality gun that offers a decent magazine capacity and a high level of dependability. The G44 is an excellent choice for concealed carry or home defense. It is small enough to cover easily yet big enough to provide essential stopping power.glock g44 for sale

Glock’s initial venture into the.22LR arena seems to have paid off. The gun is an excellent learning tool for young shooters and those new to firearms and is a viable self-defense option for experienced shooters.

The Glock 44 is easy to shoot accurately, has manageable recoil, and has a large magazine capacity. It is also one of the most affordable pistols on the market. If you are in the market for a quality, compact .22LR pistol, the G44 should be at the top of your list.


  • Excellent recoil management
  • Small enough for concealed carry
  • The Glock Marksman Barrel offers great accuracy
  • Large magazine capacity
  • Compact size and Lightweight for easy handling
  • Several backstraps to fit any hand size


  • It may be too small for some people’s hands
  • With a rimfire cartridge, the rounds may lose the angle when stacking

What makes the Glock 44 Worth Acquiring?


The Glock 44 includes additional serrations added to the front of the slide on the Glock 44. When charging the pistol, the serrations give a tactile surface for shooters to grip. If you need to attach extra accessories, you can find a small rail ahead of the trigger. The pistol comes with four different grip adapters, so you can choose the one that best fits your hand size.

Recoil Management

The G44 includes the Glock Marksman Barrel. This polygonal barrel design leaves little margin for error when loading, firing, and ejecting. This system helps stabilize the bullet as it leaves the barrel, which results in greater accuracy. On top of that, shooting a .22LR from a Glock handgun is fun.


The Glock 44’s diamond-like carbon finishing provides more uncompromising and durable protection. The coating also offers a great deal of scratch resistance and prevents corrosion. The plating comes in handy as it enables the gun to function in any conditions you throw at it. The polymer slide also allows the weapon to work under less pressure.

The basic four safety rules to follow when handling guns listed below;

1. Treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. This means anything you would do with the gun while unloaded, is the same thing you would do with it ready to fire. I can personally tell you of two negligent discharges I witnessed with people when people who knew better pulled the trigger on a gun they just ‘knew’ were unloaded.glock g44 price

2. Never point a firearm at anything that you do not intend to destroy. This includes any and all horseplay with firearms– especially if you forget rule number one above. This translates into the concept of proper muzzle-control. Remember, the only things that are cleared to point a firearm at are a target, berm, or threat. Moreover, even with that, keep in mind all of the other rules.

3. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it or behind it. Bullets are funny things. Even low-powered rimfire ammo can travel significant distances and penetrate walls, doors, etc. Keep this in mind even in self-defense instances.

4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target. Ah trigger discipline, or commonly just called TD. It’s pretty hard for a firearm to just suddenly go off unless the trigger is pulled back successfully. If your trigger finger is aligned down the side of the trigger well, or better, down the side of the slide, until you are ready to fire, the less likely you are to shoot yourself in the leg or accidentally wing an innocent bystander. “Booger hook off the bang switch!”




8 reviews for GLOCK G44 For Sale

  1. Roy

    This is my third purchase from The Gun Store and they came through again. This gun is an absolute joy to shoot.

  2. Stimo

    Very fast shipping, great service, The Gun Store has the best prices

  3. Tommy

    The pistol arrived in perfect condition. It is a great handgun at a great price. Very accurate and flawlessly cycles all kinds of ammunition.

  4. Steve

    Fantastic handgun, shoots great and even though it was brand new, I had no problems with chambering rounds even when doing a mag dump.
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone else who loves to shoot a great pistols.

  5. Phillip

    Shoots straight and very reliable! Also very easy to field strip and clean. I can’t wait to take it back to the range!

  6. Tommy

    The pistol arrived in perfect condition. It is a great handgun at a great price. Very accurate and flawlessly cycles all kinds of ammunition.

  7. Uncle Skales

    I did like the gun & very please with the gun store, prompt delivery & have the layaway plan that works for me. Bought another gun from them & will continue buying guns from them!

  8. Nadia

    Thanks to the gun store for the good price and fast shipping on this Glock 44

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