+1 (234) 405-0121 info@thegunstore.net

We ship all over the United States and other parts of the world.

If we can, we’ll get to you on how the order will be shipped but the payment method does not change regardless of the change of nationality

After that, the order will be shipped and the tracking information provided to the client after the package is registered.

All items are thoroughly checked for any damages or malfunctions before being listed on our website. After the order is placed, the item ordered will be checked one last time before being shipped to avoid or reduce the chances of return orders or complains from clients.

If for any reason there’s a complain with the item purchased, the buyer has 2 weeks to return it and either ask for a refund or replacement. During this process, the buyer pays the return shipment fee. (But we do everything in our power to avoid these circumstances).

Live Purchase
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