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Our store has everything you need to know about Glock & Taurus firearms.


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Semi-Automatic Pistol For Sale-semiautomatic pistol,handgunthat utilizes either recoil or blowback to discharge the empty cartridge, reload, and cock the piece after each shot. The semiautomatic pistol dates from the very late 19th century, when developments in ammunition made possible cartridges and bullets that would feed or cycle smoothly through an autoloading mechanism.semi-automatic pistol for sale 

How A Semi-Automatic Gun Works

colt defenderA semi-automatic pistol is a handgun where the magazine that holds the ammunition which slides into the grip of the gun. A semi-automatic pistol uses some of the energy created from firing of the gun to eject the spent cartridge and load a fresh one. Semi-automatic pistols have the benefit of magazines that can hold a larger number of rounds. They also typically have an easier trigger pull, have the ability to shoot multiple rounds very quickly and are slimmer and more compact in shape.semi automatic pistol for sale near me 

Semi-automatic pistols; however, are not as mechanically simple as revolvers and require very good cleaning to insure proper function. Their semi-automatic action is dependent on the first round firing successfully so the next round is cycled into the chamber properly. The reliability of modern pistols is exceptionally high though and makes this less of an issue. The best defensive semi-automatic calibers are: .380, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP. All of these calibers are available in small sized (compact) pistols suitable for concealed carry.what is the best semi automatic pistol

Special note: In general, a pistol with a long trigger pull that requires a very deliberate and strong pull of the trigger in order to fire is recommended. Under stress when the adrenaline is flowing you want to be sure you really want to pull the trigger and not do so accidentally.

 Advantages and disadvantages of the semi-automatic pistol.


  • Slimmer, lighter and easier to conceal
  • Magazines can hold more rounds of ammunition
  • Can fire rounds of ammunition in rapid succession
  • Easier trigger pull
  • “Typically” have less recoil
  • Easy to reload


  • Meticulous cleaning required
  • More likely to misfeed
  • More likely to be “ammunition sensitive”. May not feed all brands of bullets well (practice and trying different brands can minimize these issues).
  • Overall more expensive
  • Takes more hand strength to “rack the slide” to chamber the first round.

Four primary parts of a semi-automatic pistol


The frame makes up the basic structure of the pistol to which the other major parts are attached.semi-automatic pistol for sale UK


The barrel is a long hollow tube through which the projectile travels on its way to the target. The ‘rifled’ (grooved) texture inside spins the bullet, creating velocity and accuracy. In most cases, the length of the barrel determines the velocity. The shorter the barrel, the less velocity is produced.


The slide is the steel upper portion of a semi-automatic pistol. The slide chambers ammunition into the barrel and extracts the spent casing after the round is fired. It also slides along its tracks during the recoil process to provide the link between the breechblock and barrel.


The magazine contains the ammunition and ensures that it is fed properly into the barrel.

Other Parts of the Pistol

Other Parts of a Pistol


The trigger guard is the material around the trigger that provides protection and safety.


The hammer impacts the firing pin or cartridge directly, discharging the ammo.semi-automatic pistol for sale USA

Firing pin

The firing pin is the hardened pin centered behind the primer of a chambered cartridge. When struck by the hammer, it impacts the primer cap of the cartridge and discharges the ammunition.


Ammunition is also known as a ‘cartridge’ or ‘round’. It consists of casing, primer, powder, and projectile.

Types of Semi-Automatic Pistols

1: Glock 19X The Best Semi-Automatic Handgun

The Glock 19X is Glock’s first “crossover” pistol. It combines the compact slide of the Glock 19 with the full-sized grip of the Glock 17. The user has a comfortable feel in their hands while also allowing for the efficiency of a compact slide. Created for combat use and now available at THE GUN STORE for civilians, this is a resourceful firearm for any situation.

The Glock 19X is one of Glock’s best-selling models, having sold over 100,000 pistols within the first six months of its public release. 

The Glock 19X is dependable and versatile. A solid firearm for any occasion, including at the range, for home defense, or even hunting. Designed for the military, it excels in accuracy, durability, and reliability. Order Glock 19X  Now

2: SIG Sauer P365 The Best Sub-Compact Pistol

The P365 is the current pinnacle of micro-compact pistols. If you can find one — buy it — you won’t be dissatisfied. The P365 was envisioned as the only everyday-carry (EDC) pistol a person might need. The design objective was aimed at a demographic that would carry this pistol seven days a week and 365 days a year, hence the name “365.” SIG absolutely nailed it, producing a pistol that fights far above its weight class and is as close to a jack of all trades pistol that anyone has produced to date. It’s small enough to pocket carry but large enough to control comfortably. It’s incredibly accurate and easy to shoot while boasting a modular design capable of accepting magazines with capacities of 10, 12, and 15-rounds, all in a frame that’s a mere 1-inch wide. It’s not too big, nor is it too small, it’s just right. Due to the release of the XL, SAS, and optic-ready models, legacy P365 models are popping up on the secondary market as current owners trade up to the latest model. Take advantage of this opportunity and snap one up.Order SIG Sauer P365 Now

3:Glock G43X: A Reliable Carry Gun

The Glock 43x is effectively a Glock 43 with a slightly wider and taller frame to increase the grip size and capacity from 6 rounds to 10 rounds of 9mm. It is one of Glock’s two slim-line pistols introduced at the 2019 SHOT Show. The Glock 43X is intended to be a concealed carry gun.Order Glock G43X  Now

For more  information or inquiries on the other various semi-automatic pistols available at The Gun Store  click here to order or contact us here.

Rules for Safe Gun Handling

If you’re a new gun owner, we need to start by talking about safety. Handling firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Every time you pick up a gun, you are making life and death decisions. That’s something we can’t ever forget. Fortunately, we can mitigate a lot of that risk by following the four basic rules of safe gun handling. You might hear these worded in a number of different ways, but I’ll give you my summary:

  1. Treat all guns the same way you would treat a loaded gun.
    You cannot ignore the other three rules just because you believe a gun is unloaded.
  2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
    That means, if it were to fire, it’s not going to hurt anyone and it’s not going to damage anything you can’t afford to replace.
  3. Keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot something.
    Pretty straightforward, but that’s the one people seem to have the most trouble remembering.
  4. Know what it is you are shooting at and what is behind it.
    That goes for the shooting range or anywhere else you might need to use your gun.


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